Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Provo, UT one is able to elicit a response simply by using certain four-letter words. In San Francisco, CA, no one gives a shit. What am I supposed to do in order to shock people? I have learned the answer is overt racism, and then accusing others of anti-semitism. Visiting Provo again, I forgot that a simple dirty word does the trick and accidentally let slip some racially charged remark. I thought heads were going to explode. While in an apartment tonight somebody said, "You know what no one is talking about?..." Which I kind of already have a problem with. That isn't a question, and there is likely no chance that I know what no one is talking about because no one is talking about it. If I did know, then the subject would indeed be a not uncommon topic of conversation. So I respond out of turn blurting out, "Interracial marriage." There were several brown people in attendance and everyone goes quiet and stares at me. "What? They aren't. Not even Tyra." Only one person laughed. Whoops.


  1. I'd have thought the brownies would have laughed assuming they're not of the train of thought that they are oppressed. Everybody else would have been waiting to see how the minorities took it before laughing so as not to seem racist, but in doing so aren't they being racist by inferring your comment was offensive. By not laughing at what was a) a joke and b) a factual point... they turned what could have been funny into a taboo, thus frowned upon/offensive topic. Eee-gads, inter-racial marriage?- Not in this house! hmmm...

    For the record, four letter words don't scare me.

  2. Just have to say I have been living on the East Coast for two months now. Four letter words don't really mean much out here, but man, do I get attention when I say "oh my heck". (I throw up a little in my mouth when I say it, but it's worth it for the reaction.)